An ICF is an insulating concrete form. A flat panel CELBLOX® insulating concrete form is a permanent,
open cavity block made from two 2 ½” thick, 16” high x 48” long, 1.5# density, flame retardant
panels molded out of expanded polystyrene. 90° and 45° corners, taper tops, brick ledges, single
sided and extender blocks of the same construction are also available.

Within the outside panels are molded twelve polypropylene “webs” which later serve as fastening
strips and which function similarly to the way wood studs accept nails and screws.

The two outside panels of a block are connected to each other by twelve “ties” that are also made
of polypropylene and which are connected to the exposed interior fasteners on the “webs” with
specially designed steel pins. Unlike other ICF’s on the market today, a CELBLOX® insulating concrete
form has a patented “fold flat” feature that allows the blocks to be folded, palletized and distributed
to job sites far more economically than other ICF’s.

CELBLOX® incorporate a male/female feature on the top and bottom of each block to create secure
and sealed seams as blocks are stacked atop each other. The ends of each block have a ridge and
a groove that lock together when assembled to create a sealed seam and prevent movement
during the concrete pour.

On the job site, CELBLOX® of 4”, 6”, 8,” 10” or 12” core sizes are stacked by contractors on top of
each other to form hollow wall cavities that are then filled with steel rebar, or HELIX concrete
additive and concrete to create high performance exterior walls both below grade and as high as
100’ above grade.