CELBLOX® ICFs offer an exceptional quality block at a competitive price that, when filled with concrete, becomes a building envelope system of unmatched strength, comfort, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and permanence. Moreover, all components of CELBLOX® ICFs are manufactured in the United States at our ISO fully integrated facilities. Key features of CELBLOX include:

The CELBLOX® ICF patented trifold design with hinged connectors folds flat for economical shipping and minimizes storage requirements. Since CELBLOX® are completely factory assembled, block can be easily popped open and placed on the jobsite reducing installation time.

CELBLOX® engineered 100% prime grade plastic webs significantly improve fastener retention and are a full 1 ½” wide by 15 1/8” tall. Web locations for easy installation of interior and exterior wall applications are clearly identified on 8” centers as well as 1” increment markings on both sides of each block for easy measuring and cutting.

The CELBLOX® unique solid-bar tie design minimizes voids, air pockets, and bubbles while allowing for maximum concrete flow. Rebar saddles are strategically placed for maximum strength. Removal of concrete, mud, ice and snow is trouble-free with the

CELBLOX® easy-clean tongue and groove interlock system that ensures that forms stack evenly and reduces shifting problems.


CELBLOX® has a complete line of products in core widths from 4” to 12” including straight block, 45° and 90° corners, brick ledge, and taper top blocks.

CELBLOX® offers a variety of training courses to meet your needs including:

o In-house contractor certification

o Classroom or on-site installation courses

o One hour AIA approved CEU presentation for architects/engineers

o Wisconsin Department of Commerce Safety & Building approved course

Experienced technical support is readily available to answer your questions by simply

calling us at 1-608-616-2015.