4" Core 90 Degree Corner Block

$32.42 each


An ICF is an insulating concrete form. A flat panel CELBLOX® insulating concrete form is a permanent, open cavity block made from two 2 ½” thick, 16” high x 48” long, 1.5# density, flame retardant panels molded out of expanded polystyrene. 90° and 45° corners, taper tops, brick ledges, single sided and extender blocks of the same construction are also available.

CELBLOX® incorporate a male/female feature on the top and bottom of each block to create secure and sealed seams as blocks are stacked atop each other. The ends of each block have a ridge and a groove that lock together when assembled to create a sealed seam and prevent movement during the concrete pour.

CELBLOX® is a manufacturer and supplier of ICFs used for affordable, energy- efficient construction.

CELBLOX® ICFs provide significant energy savings, greater comfort, added security, and faster construction than other wall systems.

CELBLOX® ICFs combine forming, furring, and insulation in one step.

CELBLOX® ICF are 100% recyclable.